Cyberunions Episode 86: MayDay! Programming Sucks and Strikes in China


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  • Stephen is back in Mexico City
  • Walton went to Geneva

Tech Talk

  • Walton introduces us to a great article on why Programming Sucks
  • Stephen enjoys the analogy from the article
  • Programmers are crazy!
  • Why heartbleed was bad, but why it reinforces FLOSS as the best method for development
  • May First People Links audio will be available on the site soon
  • Who is to say the proprietary one is also not compromised? what overview is there for that?
  • The best part is that since it is FLOSS it is humanly readable by anyone that seeks to do so.

Labor Talk

  • Walton goes into great depth in discussing the strikes in China
  • Great to be talking on MayDay about Strikes in China
  • Walton & Stephen have hopes for China to create capitalism to then kill it for all out communism!


  • Our podcast rss feed should be working again, Stephen discovered not all podcatchers like ssl certificates
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