Cyberunions Episode 93: Tech workers can organize…?


Update Section

1:00 Catch up

2:45 The final countdown

3:15 Help support the show

4:00 How to organize … a lot of work, practice, and patience

5:00 Tech organizing ideas from Solidarity and DSA

5:45 The revolution is not going to happen tomorrow

6:55 Always opportunities from the public or president on bringing events forward to further a leftest discussion

7:30 Need to organize, need to join groups that are organized, anarchist, socialist or whatever

8:20 Net Neutrality will be a future show on what we can do to respond outside existing ISPs Mesh it all up

9:00 Occupy days wireless mesh independent internet was kicked around in the tech groups but nothing materialized at that time

10:00 Libraries loan wireless hotspots.

10:45 Libraries are a good starting point, projects like Library Freedom Project training on threat models.

11:30 Public venues as places to organize municipal or community ISPs

12:00 We can use trump anymore, need a new word

12:50 FCC chairman is upset that his family has taken a brunt of the impact on his position on net neutrality… keep up the effort.

13:30 Tech Worker Coalition The history, the idea, and the movement afoot

The Interview & Recap

60:00 Matt’s thoughts on the interview

65:00 For the Win!

67:00 Do you know how much your co-workers are paid? Share your wage!

69:00 Speaking to the blood vessels in the bodiess of the conservative bench, clot away!

70:00 Our new groups on Matrix and on Telegram they are connected to each other.

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