Cyberunions Episode 87 Yes IndyRef Yes!

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  • Stephen is in Mexic—-Scotland!!
  • We have been Civi…er…busy
  • Been on a pub crawl er… podcrawl kevie & mcnalu



  • Walton goes Independent to explain the details of the campaign for an Independent Scotland
  • Stephen asks some detailed questions
  • More info for Radical Independence


  • Welcome new listeners
  • Stephen highly recommends a book Strike For America and goes into detail about the book being a good read for activists and a model for reforming a union
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  1. Thanks, Cyberunions, for that excellent summary of the Scottish independence issue. I hope the Scots vote for independence, but it was nice to hear Walton’s reminder that no matter which way the vote goes, the political activism the independence movement spawned won’t go away overnight.

    Craig Murray has been calling attention to the depths to which the BBC and other media have sunk in their extremely biased coverage of the independence issue. Here’s one example:

    Best of luck to the Scots! I hope to visit an independent Scotland someday soon!

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