Our heartbleed[s] Discussion at People Links Digital Gathering

For those of you who might not know, Cyberunions is a proud member of May First / People Link (If you’d like to host your site on our servers join mayfirst here) who this year began a monthly digital gathering called People Links and this month the discussion is quite intriguing about the heartbleed security flaw.

A couple of great members of May First / People link will be discussing the issue with a non-technical focus for a broader understanding of what it means, how to respond and why it strengthens free, libre open source software movement,  rather than the outcry of its weakness.

This is a gathering open to all, whether you are a member or not, in the US or Mexico or not. We intend to record it and make sure it is available for others to listen. So make some room for this Thursday (April 24th) at 6pm EDT/5pm CDT to join the call. We will have riseup pad for people to ask questions for our two members Abi from National Lawyers Guild and May First Support Team and Steve Revilak Software Developer and May First Support Team come to discuss in detail the implications and outcomes.

For more info on the Event visit and bookmark http://mayfirst.org/peoplelinks

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