Calling All Tech Workers! LaborNotes is Organizing a Conference

As we try to figure out a direction here (Walton and I are thinking this through) it is important to elevate events and this is certainly one every able person should attend! If you are in or able to go to NYC this conference is an important one!

As a long time attendee and organizer to Labor Notes biennial conference this is so important that they are focusing one specifically on tech workers.

Labor Notes 2023 Tech Organizing Conference

Event Date: 

October 07, 2023


This event is an “unconference,” and most sessions will be led by rank-and-file workers. The morning of the event, every attendee will be encouraged to propose a session idea and every attendee will participate in selecting the ideas of most interest. Session formats range from talks, workshops, open discussions—the more creative and actionable, the better. After the most popular sessions are added to the agenda, we’ll spend the rest of the day attending the selected sessions, in discussions led by fellow workers. If you have an idea for a session, think it through and come ready to pitch it. Here is a taste of some of the sessions your fellow siblings in labor are planning:

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