Cyberunions Podcast Episode 75 This is no way to celebrate workers memorial day

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  • Announce the Labor Fightback Conference at Rutgers University
  • Stephen finds the little israel, Centro Deportivo de Israeliti where he needed his passport to enter.
  • The worse part is the commercial promoting Israel in research and contributions to democracy and that all need to visit
  • Similar things in South Africa, with secret services agents from other countries stopping citizens in their own country.


  • Workers Memorial day this past week, with horrible labor stories to morn more losses
  • We just finished talking about the textile factory fire before workers memorial day and now we have Bangladesh striking again in the wrong way, with an official death count of 400 with 1000s still missing
  • Worst industrial accident
  • Since Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire there were advancements but then we stepped back again
  • Textile Factory 298 dead in Pakistan was the biggest before in Bangladesh, twice.
  • The factories produce specifically for western companies
  • Stephen rants and describes the capitalist changes was for cheaper labor and eliminating liability
  • Textile to Tech companies blame the small company that actually does the production
  • People say this is the path to entering the 1st world, but this is bullshit these are the same companies that learned from the past and we see the failure of regulation.
  • West Texas plant explostion wipes out an entire town plus killing many workers
  • Neoliberalism kills regulations and use market solutions but more people die
  • BP Oil spill to west texas, mining issues regulation is not being enforced and no power, not solving problem just killing people
  • Regulation is a short term solution to a long term problem, the problem of capitalism
  • We only have more people to morn cause of the capitalist system

Tech Sector

  • Progress on webrtc working but get to that later
  • Stephen has been working on the Chat server, using xmpp.
  • Trying to get all mayfirst members accounts to work with the xmpp server so by default people will have accounts
  • Walton still having issues but progress is happening
  • We now have a riseup etherpad integration to
  • Ross and Stephen from mayfirst are at the front of really new stuff that has very little examples to reference
  • Close to production ready for both chat and webrtc
  • Eff announcement about Obama allows warrantless surveillance over cyber security, now with no court orders needed
  • Obama is not a marxist or a socialist…so fuck you to anyone who thinks he is.


  • Walton talks about something that google did well with the google hangout live broadcast
  • Stephen will work to see if we can match it and go beyond
  • We will go live!!! Next Week!!…this is not an endorsement of google but testing the marker and trying to go past it
  • Going live on google is our way to get people to give feed back 😉
  • Walton will put his makeup on and Stephen has more grey hair
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