Cyberunions Podcast Episode 74 Are Unions even needed anymore?

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  • Walton went to the Isle of Skye
  • Stephen wants to know if there are any “steamy” photos
  • walton in cold water
  • Boston Bombing update…lockdown is not a good thing for any reason
  • Why is Boston different than any other fear of snipers, bombers, or other acts to create fear?
  • The police and government seamed to have seen how far they can ask people to give up their liberties
  • The rant continues…
 Labor & Tech
  • We could not determine whether to make separate sections, so here we grouped them in tech and labor or labor and tech
  • When was the first time labor activists heard “Unions were good at one time but haven’t they outlived their usefulness?”
  • Stephen recalls his historical moment and sources it to the 1980s
  • Walton hears its nearly every day in some form
  • It certainly was said in the 80’s just not the 1980’s try 1886 which we find out in the Canadien Labour 1 minute labor video contest
  • Which is an interesting use of encouraging labor folks to use video and audio technology to get the real word out about labor.
  • This does raise the fact that we need to continue our struggle with proving those who say it to eat their own words.
  • Walton discusses t the the US organizing model that labor notes recently covered.
  • It turns into a good understanding of what we should be doing and that we should not be focusing on just one model, however community organizing seems to be a better bet than what the umbrella union organizations promoted over 20 years ago.
  • Stephen adds a little as Walton summed it up quite well
  • Stephen highlights the the way Into The Fire has brought a great visual to understand the impact of austerity in Greece…really as a typical thing that happens when economic crisis happens
  • We highly recommend downloading and distributing Into The Fire
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