Cyberunions Podcast Episode 76 We are live…well if you downloaded this then no

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  • The Chatroom using pidgin or adium
  • Volunteerism vs Participatorism (stolen from ParEcon)
  • Recommend reading Reform or Revolution by Rosa Luxemburg
  • Lots of exciting union stuff keeping Walton busy
  • Debian Wheezy has arrived!
  • NZ outlaws software patents – thanks to Tony in Boston for heads up
  • mayfirst now has full blown Chat…using ejabberd as the software backend (gpl for those wondering)
  • Future plans for webrtc and friends.mayfirst which is Stephen is  looking into building an app that would be similar to the hangout idea directly connected from ones friends account.
  • There are broadcasting plugins if you will for webrtc (really webrtc has come a long way is surpassing
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Marxist. Socialist & labor movement organizer. Boston DSA Labor he/him
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