Cyberunions Podcast Episode 72 This is no april fools thatcher is dead but her legacy lives on

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Margaret Thatcher is dead

  • The wicked witch of the west is dead and spring can return to the world
  • George Square everyone will run down and party when Margaret Thatcher dies…people not certain when to party
  • Should the funeral be privately or  funded by the government she opposed?
  • Billy Bragg comments on the death don’t celebrate … organise!
  • Walton experiences a 3rd world problem in the 1st world
  • Stephen experiences the 3rd world with internet but no gas to heat the water
  • Landlords suck again! Stephen and his roommates will be looking for a new place soon.
  • What does rent pay for again?
  • Stephen takes a hot bucket shower now
  • Another DIY this is  with office furniture from wooden fruit crates

Labor Digest

  • Good unions stories from Mexico
  • Workers Occupy and take the factory to the ultimate place we want
  • To go on strike is to occupy the factory with the flags of Black and Red.
  • Continental Tires,  Stephen mistakenly says Cooper Tires
  • The strike was for three years, and the local labor board supported it…which means the company is responsibly for the back from when the strike started.
  • The Company basically gave them the factory with the hopes that they would fail
  • The workers own half of the factory the other side is sales something that the workers do not have experience but want to eventually own it all.
  • They did not fail, but how does the coop run?
  • This is no small coop it is 1050 members, twice a year the meetings occur
  • Still need to work with in the market system that they are struggling with but working on it
  • These are the stories we should be hearing from labor unions

Tech Sector

  • The Big Blue Button install is done on Mayfirst
  • Runs well but the struggle is for flash to work
  • Walton has had good experience with it and describes a scenario
  • BigBlueButton has plans to get rid of flash and go html5 and webrtc
  • Install of BBB is up in hours after a number of issues, but not impossible, but built on ubuntu which mades debian servers a little tricky to get up to speed
  • Stephen documented the process for mayfirst members to setup bbb
  • WebRTC is now in the Mayfirst realm as well and is a longer term project to create more than what we have with BigBlueButton
  • Walton is the lone wolf who has issues getting connected….Stephen blames Scotland
  • We started with the SimpleWebRTC Github
  • Stephen tries to describe how Webrtc works
  • Stephen and Ross moved the server dependencies of SimpleWebRTC to all on mayfirst and used resiprocate for the stun server
  • html5 toys Websocket Chat Video Grabber and White Board


  • Enrique from Mexico City sent Walton and Stephen a big thank for producing the show, he is a member of mayfirst and active listener.
  • Send all complaints to BT so Walton can get internet in his new home


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