Cyberunions Podcast Episode 73 Bleak Times: Bombs in Boston, Burial in Britain

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  • Stephen Reflects on the Bombing of the Boston Marathon
  • Stephen hopes that the Patriots Day of Massachusetts does not become a national holiday in a nationalistic way.
  • The Boston Marathon ends at the Boston Public Library
  • Speculation gets us no where…thanks media for over-blowing it
  • Walton tells of the Torygasm: Thatcher funeral will cost £10 million and involve 700 military personal. Big Ben will be silenced.
  • Britain’s state religion is a weird shamanistic Christianity that deifies power.
  • Britain’s deeply reactionary, atavistic celebration of Thatcher. Britain’s strong masochistic streak – worship those who tear the fabric of society apart.
  • Hong Kong dockworkers coverage from USI and Labornotes
  • Product has stopped moving…the are on strike against the 8th richest man in the world.
  • International solidarity does exist from the AFL-CIO to the ITF, solidarity delegations.
  • Hong Kong unions historically have not been strong.
  • Bangladesh textile workers:Tazreen fire compensations and the murder of Aminul Islam anniversary
  • We do not learn from our history and our solidarity movements are not strong enough to share the stories…Triangle Shirt Waste Factory fire in the modern day.
  • We are moving backwards conditions are worse and more die.
  • Feministas Socialistas workshop on the economy streaming the audio using only free softwareon mayfirst icecast server
  • There will be a bigger event in august that we will have video and audio streaming
  • Stephen tries to get Walton to pay for a trip to England.
  • England has a problem with WebRTC
  • WebRTC update possible collaborative work with the etherpad now has a webrtc plugin
  • Ehterpad integration with the plugins of etherpad that include a slide show for presentations
  • Stephen is falling into everything with nodejs

Dual boot is a two state system…it just doesn’t work

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