Cyberunions Podcat Episode 71 I’ll have a nice cold brew in the morning

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  • Stephen brews coffee cold with instruction from a fictional book
  • Walton is drinking the other beer…a Williams Brothers Scottish Session Ale
  • Surreality life of Walton did weird things in front of a mic
  • Walton is now a bloody Brit with a stiff upper lip
  • Stephen suggest we take the show on tour now that Walton can travel
  • Walton and Stephen have a netbooky moment
  • Shall we go live? We are thinking about if we should broadcast when we record the show…who would listen?
  • We recorded this show in 2006
  • Stephen might do a fresh install again
  • Marxcyle posts again with his new tires
  • Can bikes read?


  • The tech and engineering workers agreed to create a two tier system with the evil of the 401(k) vs pension and the two tier system
  • Unions lose power when the pension goes bye bye the 401(k) reinforces the market and weakens the worker
  • With a pension fund unions can threaten to divest from organizations they want to put pressure on
  • Some unions like the United Steel Workers is using thier pension to create worker run cooperatives
  • The 401(k) rant worth the rant
  • Could or does there exist a worker run cooperative investment program
  • What does a union look like, does it need to say union in it?
  • Players Association is a union, the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA)
  • Some of the most powerful unions are not a named a union, though in some cases they are not wanting to align with the politics or perceived unions
  • The 10 year anniversary of the Iraq war and labor against the war
  • A call to action to support Union Activist in Iraq


  • Webrtc testing it out, part of it is just using your browser to be the means for conferences
  • We had our brief experience … with bugs we could not get the video and audio to work on both sides
  • Big Blue Button attempt to try to install will happen this Tuesday to meet the request of the mayfirst leadership committee
  • Tech is a team effort because working in collectively brings the benefit of extra eyes
  • Many people think that supporting a website is easy or setting up the installation, unfortunately that is not true
  • One example late night hacking Stephen was up until 2 am working with a colleague trying install trac
  • Recap of the idea to broadcast the show live instead of just a download
  • We made each other look funny to hide our identity from the CIA


  • Walton needs to speak up apparenlty his voice level was not even in episode 69
  • The co-op hands logo is not a creation – we just use it. I think I got it from
  • mjray keeps us on our toes
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  1. At about the 20 minute mark, I think I hear Stephen say “International Workers of the World”. I’m sure he’s aware that he meant to say “Industrial Workers of the World”. Right? 🙂

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