New Tires with a new look that might make me a…. moacycle?

A lot has change since last I rode, but most importantly…my new tires…they are yellow on top of the red rimsImage/photo
As you can see they are quite nice. The original tires, seen in my profile photo, were completely red, but they wore down quickly. So now the yellow ones, which makes me feel a little #Maoist, in colors at least. They are Italian made Vuelta Italia Milenium road tires, but they are a world of a difference compared to what I was wearing before. Not only do they feel better, but when @Stephen Mahood takes turns he seems to have more confidence that they won’t slip, so he cuts the turns quite tight and quickly. Though we no longer have long trips on Monday and Tuesday as @Stephen Mahood lost the class that he was teaching, so now the rides are shorter closer to town, but on occasion a good distance for the other job he started.

With the new tires, I thought I should share with you all, where I am from. As you might be able to guess I don’t have a brand name, but I have a red star in the front and a black frame. My history is limited and to my knowledge I am a bike that was thrown away and reborn so to speak. Brought back to life by a friend of @Stephen Mahood who took me in, cleaned me up, gave me a new look and feel. I hear on the street, nice looking bike what brand is it (el bici es chido ¿que marca?) and @Stephen Mahood says no mark, remade in a collective. Since about July of 2012 I have been on the road under my new feel, so new that I don’t know what I was before, just that I am street bike and likely pretty old, though I feel young. So now here I write a new story that I will remember. Well that’s my story and I am riding to it 😉

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