I AM the “my bicycle”

They mentioned me!!  @Stephen Mahood and @Leischa have released another show and  I think they named it after me, how nice! So I am the bicycle that @Stephen Mahood mentioned and I write my stories here (follow on twitter or friends)

So the other day @marxstvegan, as he recovered from a nasty cold,  took me out and to his suprise, a bit late, my front tire was flat….resulting in him making a pretty nasty wipe out just as he turned. He’s still getting used to a strictly road bike ties. So I had to get my front tire repaired, which went well, the bike shop is thorough with me. Before we knew it we were on the road again to the böell.org.mx foundation to go over the immigration process for @Stephen Mahood.

Immigration in capitalist terms makes no sense to me. I say this cause well, capitalism says that labor is just commodity like the parts that were used to construct me. Which means under these “free trade” agreements if products can cross borders with no issue, why can’t humans too? After all it’s just a commodity to build another commodity. Plus again in capitalist terms the more workers the more pressure to lower wages, which a goal of capitalism, no?  I’ve seen this by the exporting of jobs to cheaper labor regions of the world. Anyway it’s an annoying process that really no human should need to go through, why do we have borders?

So, i finally found the culprit…the damn pothole that has snagged me three times at night…it’s a nasty one…but now @Stephen Mahood will hopefully stop hitting it on the way home from teaching. Last night we ran into the other critical biker…his name is Guillermo (not the bike, not sure if it has a name), shorter discussion but apparently beers are in order soon…hope I am left home on that trip.

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