Sometimes flats do strike twice and sometimes bring on collective support

Would you believe it same front tire went out again but this time it was on the ride instead of the beginning. While @Stephen Mahood decided to visit his book reading coffee shop, just about 5 minutes from the cafe my front tire deflated, slowly but to put where I could not carry forward.  @Stephen Mahood walked my hobbled front wheel and I to the center of Coyoacán but to no avail there are no bike shops…there is a bike store but they don’t do repairs, only sales. So got to the coffee shop and of the people with bikes no one had a pump or a wrench to take my front tire off. A friend of @Stephen Mahood‘s at the coffee shop said there was a bike shop around the corner and another offered a friends help.

In hobbled pursuit we went looking for the bike shop first, but to no luck there…however luck struck when I noticed a gathering of my comrades (other bikes resting on the side walk with their mechanical human companions near by), seems every saturday and sunday there are a group of bicyclists that stop for coffee near where we were looking. @Stephen Mahood approached to ask for help, the cyclists jumped up and offered to fix me up. They took my front tire off as someone had a wrench there and proceeded to fix the flat and then pumped me up. It was very nice of them to offer…@Stephen Mahood offered to buy coffee or beers but they were happy to collectively help a fellow bike. It was a nice gesture that seems pretty common amongst cyclists…so now we can hopefully make the long trip tomorrow as @Stephen Mahood has two different jobs tomorrow.

too my comrades thank you!

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