Cyberunions Podcast Episode 67 I want to ride my bicycle

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  • Introducing Marxcycle on Friends and twitter
  • Stories from the road…the bicycle perspective and seeing neoliberalism and talking about Stephen in the 3rd person
  • Stephen got a new job and needs to work out his work visa, being working in a contract tech support position with the Heinrich Böell Stiftung Foundation
  • Stephen spent his money quickly buying a 23 inch monitor and he can’t handle the size.
  • Landlords suck…they changed the boiler system and wanted us to pay for it
  • Walton got back from London and got a walking tour of the East end of London, it is a working class neighborhood with the new financial centre (<–going british)
  • The battle of Cable Street and the Mural…what is cable street?
  • Walton gives a great history of the leftwing between fascists and the community…the police tried to clear the roads for the fascists and the street fighting prevented the fascists from passing…Great video of the direct action
  • NEF update outreach to lawyers in countries where people are interested in figuring out charitable donations

Labor Section

  • Mexico Solidarity action around the world to try to change the conditions in Mexico.
  • The neoliberal experiment that has been destructive to the country where criminals are controlling the country more than the government.
  • Violence has become the norm instead of the exception in industrial regions as political parties just become pawns in the game of corruption.
  • The historic connections between drug cartels and the PRI to the PAN and the war on drugs that resulted in 80,000 plus people killed over a 6 year period.
  • Greece and Metropolis leads to major actions connected back to HMV in England
  • Stephen stands corrected was thinking about H&M not HMV
  • We are returning to the 1920s and 1930s of hostility of actions against activists
  • Returning to the analysis of labor reforms in Mexico

Tech Section

  • Littlesis install is still coming along … ran into dependency issues but hope to have it up and running in the next 2 weeks
  • Learning from reading fictional books from Cory Doctorow…in Pirate Cinema…read for 5 minutes and the book got me to stop return home and do more hacking.
  • Opening up a notes files to document your actions so you can back track.
  • posting questions on Reddit in between shows
  • How do mesh networks help labor organizing?
  • a kind of tech to have ready to roll out when things get sticky
  • Decision makers do not all understand the culture and technology itself.
  • Could we create a Labor Tech Institute to prepare for new technology that unions put funds toward getting on the curve or ahead of the curve


  • Stephen fumbles but means to mention a response to tech work being compromised in reddit
  • A comment on our site about politics of technology with 3dprinting
  • Walton wants to print beer…while he drinks wine.
  • itstritz mentioned that in Chicago one restaurant where they put a pamphlet about how it is customary to tip waitresses and another place copied it and used it in another restaurant.
  • mrjray comments in IRC that we did an advert for google translate…a throw away comment about translating software…babbelfish is now bing … so Apertium as a good choice as recommended by mjray
  • Walton tries to lie..but fails.
  • new exit strategy 🙂

Song: The Ghost of Cable Street, By The Men the couldn’t Hang

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  1. i am intrigued by what you have going on here, but I tend to get turned off pretty quick, especially when a link says, “download here” and it’s actually just a stream. I’d love to hear your shows but don’t know how to capture it so that I can listen to it when I am at home and have no internet access. How about helping a potential fan out?

    • jimmy that depends on the browser…one way to download the file is the right-click the link and select download. I hope that works or you can visit directly which is where the recordings are hosted.

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