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Well it has been a couple of days since I wrote my first post, so I figure it’s time for a second. As I figure out what to share about these trips each day, some crazy some not, I am working to build the contextual story without boring everyone with the wheels go around and around and around <cachunk> damn pothole….wheels go around…

Today as @Stephen Mahood was traveling back from his english class, knowing what I hear on the road I am hoping he teaches better phrases than “pendejo” that’s “asshole for non spanish speakers, but tonight we hung out with another biker. From what I could hear the other biker is a chemistry student at UNAM. I started to notice the conversation cause usually when we are on the way back we fly…I mean we cover 15km in 40 minutes, that’s about .375 km/minute…but @Stephen Mahood slowed down a bit tonight.

This is the like the 3rd time where the conversation has started with a “hey how are you, where are you heading” to both of the talking about the problems in the world with quite a critical perspective. The chemist student (I didn’t catch his name) was sharing student activism at UNAM and they were comparing student movements and field of study in the US. I think @Stephen Mahood studied that for a bit, but they continued talking about politics and Obama vs Bush in the US government. @Stephen Mahood said having Obama is like getting a shot Novocaine in your pinky while the rest of your body suffers from feeling the pain. The chemist enjoyed that analogy. The chemist’s bike is a mountain bike, which certainly handles the potholes better than I do. In fact I think tomorrow I am going in for a tune up again…the other night and tonight we hit some nasty potholes.

I never understand, the city will install new speed bumps like crazy but every night there is like a new pothole everywhere…I don’t get it…I mean my cousin (@Stephen Mahood‘s bike in Boston) is a mountain bike and in Boston the potholes come about from plowing the snow during the winter…that doesn’t happen here so what causes all these potholes? Be nice if they built bike lanes in the non-rich areas too where people actually use bikes more than cars.

well til the next trip and hopefully a tuning of my spokes…again.

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