Cyberunions Podcast Episode 65 Under Construction with a new strategy

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0:30 Dragging carcases

  • Turning old and enjoy the cold
  • Stephen’s green screen (no not for acting) from the bad inverter….needs a new laptop wants this one
  • Walton is still no excited in January
  • Stephen will be working on the conference Mutual Assistance for the Tech Community to reach out to techies in NGOs and trying develop plans and strategize different ways to bring FLOSS into the NGOs

6:15 We restructure

  • Walton is doing more labor stuff and Stephen is doing more tech stuff so we split it
  • no longer a main story and tech story but a labor story and tech story

7:15 Labor Section

  • A great organizational effort against Walmart by targeting the supply chains
  • This Walmart strategy is a very effective way to pressure and organize the workers in a very anti-union environment
  • Organized by social movements that linked with unions and not just the unions
  • is Walmart a country…well they act like it…they invade and exploit and and reap the benefits of the works
  • Capitalism is just as bad as colonization and Walmart is a great example
  • Walmart Sucks but we can do something about it.
  • The ILWU is under a lot of pressure…Walton gives a great history to the radical tendencies of the ILWU
  • Grain terminals on the West Coast of the US….the ILWU represents the works and the employment body is undermining the workers
  • Call for international solidarity and many workers around the world will be recognizing the strike…dock workers are very strong on global action.
  • UK collusion between conservative governments and the construction
  • There is high turnover of construction workers and the contracts are quite short.
  • In the UK there are different unions, but in 1972 conditions were really bad…the unions came together and went on strike
  • The strike leaders were charged with conspiracy, insane charges
  • Blacklists come back to haunt the conservative government and the capitalists that used it
  • Quality of construction is on the decline as pressure is put on the workers

23:08 Tech Section

  • Aaron Swartz and the government manipulation of everything
  • Even the case of liberating academic work is a ridiculous case and a built up charges to try to scare activists..but we will persevere
  • Nothing in Aaron’s actions were for his own gain but to give to the people.
  • We don’t need fences around human knowledge
  • ~~~~Technical difficulties~~~~
  • Need to find support and when legal shit happens to build a larger movement in support against the state bully to protect capitalism
  • If we are going to be a renter based economy let’s call it that and not production…but if we are we are going back to feudalism
  • Walmart fucking sucks, Capitalism fucking sucks and the US justice system is horrible piece of shit
  • Stephen builds a backport for debian so he can install LittleSis on a Debian Squeeze server
  • Thunderbird has a new chat feature that is not so new but you can do IRC…like join our channel
  • Walton had to call Mexico to finish this show…the lengths we go to do bring the show together.
  • Stephen finishes up by taking about the collaborative software he installed for use with the Gobby Client
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