Cyberunions Podcast Episode 66 Why should I tip you 18% when I tip god 10

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:30 English vs English

  • Stephen broke his bike but now it is fixed…this is his marxist bike
  • Bye bye gome-shell and hello OpenBox … Stephen tries to crunchbanganize his debian
  • Walton breaks his contract and remains miserable post January
  • Stephen and Walton have never met!…Walton thinks Stephen is software
  • Netizen Federation for independent podcasts…an organization will be an umbrella 501c3 to support by being the legal organization for donations to be tax deductible
  • If we got donations we will do something sensible…like buying beer and wine and maybe equipment ¬¬
  • Cyberunions will be a starting member of the organization
  • We might actually put together a donation page.

9:54 Labor section entering labor section

  • US National Labor Relations Board takes steps backwards
  • Stephen describes the chaotic process of how the NLRB is structured and how the US Senate and President mess everything up and what the hell is recess appointments….notes the verbal error District of Virginia but meant District of Columbia
  • US labor density is at its historic low…but workers are doing things different not in a union but outside of the union with collective action.
  • A waitress from Applebees takes things to reddit over a customer who complained about a company policy…she gets fired and then writes for the guardian
  • Stephen rants about the restaurant industry and explains the way minimum wage works for restaurant serving staff
  • General strike in Tunisia Building on the movements in the region that are impacting movements around the world

30:12 Tech sector….which for you is com—puters

  • Reminisce about Little Brother and Pinoccio Mesh networking
  • Stephen describes what mesh networking is…but as Walton says it is essential
  • In the Arab Spring the government tried to control the choke points of access to the internet
  • Raytheon the company that makes the “patriot missle” and  other weapons is developing a way to track people from social networks to other information about activists or whomever…big brother
  • Stephen describes the free software used at the Comunidades Tecnicas de Asistencia Muta (CTAM conference of tech workers from NGOs in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Mexico)
  • The was Icecasting both audio and video with the use of firewire video streaming
  • Collaborative work using infinote and gobby
  • Photo sharing using galleria and javascripting to display photos immediately from the conference for people away from it in  a stream with no interaction beside sending an email with the photo to a specified address
  • Stephen will write a blog post about how he set up the infrastructure at the CTAM
  • We are planning ahead now!! might create a resource section for people to do what we talk about


  • Some nice support from John saying that the show is needed
  • Michael sent in a correction for a link to the guardian article about the strike that the UK government is trying to silence
  • Cheryl wrote in with a link to the article discussing the Occupy Oakland and the ILWU
  • We have now feedback@cyberunions and that gets sent to both of us



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