Cyberunions Podcast Episode 64 Getting your little sis to check up on big brother

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0:27 We are back and going corporate….no ha almost

  • It’s been a month…things are crazy, as usual, but we are bringing things back up to speed
  • Stephen has morbid ideas about keeping us on schedule of recording every 2 weeks
  • debate between cloning or taking speed to keep up on the work
  • pallet to desktop to sound studio living live frugally
  • with the studio we will be what the listeners think we are…professional….now working on our 13th draft for this show <wink>
  • Stephen’s workflow plan
  • January and Walton do not get along…trouble turning on…as the highway of the new year is just starting
  • Bringing up enthusiasm….Stephen likes snow and misses it…walton is being promised snow next week.
  • Walton will make a snow man to match Stephen’s Mohawk
  • Winter break brought tagging the walls of Stephen’s apartment
  • Stephen’s birthday is coming up

11:00 Who is Little Sis? a place for labor and free software to come together!

  • During the trip to Brazil with the BDSmovement an idea came up about trying to create a way to map the connections of corporations, government and individual connections to development in Israel.
  • Original idea was to alter CiviCRM, but a comrade recommended Littlesis and Poderopedia
  • Littlesis is an free software web database application that allows the users to “add relationships” and “interlocking” connections between people and companies and schools and politicians.
  • Littlesis is like the reverse of LinkedIn and there are supposedly plans to federate this software
  • Stephen reminisces about his Corporate Research course during his masters in Labor studies.
  • There are some tools out there but very expensive to gain access to, like Mergent Online
  • Littlesis allows you to crowd source the research, like imagine every union having a local install that is then federated to the world, we could source all the research and map all the power and connections.
  • This is our way to fight back in the information age…with the information we don’t have
  • Is great for strategic campaigns whether it is union organizing or BDS or whatever campaign
  • Bosses have things like this already like the blacklist of union activists in the UK, it was uncovered this past year.
  • Call for developers to contribute to the github!!!
  • We will be doing an install in the week and hopefully have it up soon…we will post here when it is up and ready.
  • Recommend to do tech supply chain
  • Stephen gets enthusiastic and gets Walton excited again…the corporate research course inspired Stephen to see what we could do, but now this software creates a way for the information to be federated and sourced by everyone
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