Cyberunions We are on Vacation!

Hello comrades, activists, listeners and readers, etc,

We are on vacation, and since we have such great benefits we will be enjoying full salary too (zero dollars/euros). I am actually in the midst of trying to find and move to a new apartment, while Walton will actually be on vacation.

If you are new listerners to the show please catch up on the oldies like when we discussed Music and Movements with David Rovics. Or the first discussion Coops and Mondragon and then when we had an interview about Mondragon and the US. Even more exciting is both the article about Zmagazines “left” social network sin software libre and then Stephen’s verbal rant on the podcast about Zsocial.

The fun shows of the first time Walton got drunk to celebrate 25 shows or the important interview Walton did with Peter Waterman. Then the important interview of Mayfirst activists and the importance of the tech collective to the left. Followed by the great talk Walton gave at his Almater in front of many labor activists.

Then there are the interviews of great interest such as Women tech activists and labor activists and Migrants Workers and Immingration. Of course we would not leave you without a lovely podcast on books we have read and recommend.  There are plenty of others to enjoy like getting an idea on both of our perspectives of government and voting.

So play catch up if you need to remember we write articles on here too…you’ll hear us again soon when we get back 🙂

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Marxist. Socialist & labor movement organizer. Boston DSA Labor he/him
Bread & Roses Caucus in #DSA

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