Cyberunions Podcast Episode 57 – Olympic Romney Shambles…He Wins Gold!!

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0:29 Olympic Moments

  • Walton Returns from London Ghost Town
  • Stephen wonders what it was like in Mexico City during the Olympics in 1968
  • London’s Mayor scared people away from London
  • Stephen matches the gaffes of the London Mayor with Mitt Romney’s 3 time Gold Winning Gaffes
  • Mitt Romney thinks the economic success of Palestine depends on culture
  • Stephen insists on The Daily Show clip o Mitt Romney
  • Walton says Mitt Romney offended the right wing in the UK

6:05 Money is Speech

  • In the US elections money is speech so the more you have the chance to speak
  • Stephen continues to learn Drupal and been on more conference calls
  • Drupal is quite amazing and the interface after install is easy and seems Stephen may start promoting Drupal over WordPress
  • Stephen continues to organize for the World Social Forum on Palestine and may go to San Fransico for an Organizing event for the WSF

8:49 We have a Tech load

  • What it means to adopt your own software instead of relying on corporations
  • Getting everyonein movement on the same page each new activist needs to learn from the start and engage with using new software
  • Working with making things look mainstream and pretty, we are not a corporation but we can make sites look more fun
  • Wiki may not look nice but we can make it look pretty
  • Welcome to the Occupy Social Network but it is in testing phase
  • Friendica is Diaspora meets what it should be it integrates all social networks under one house
  • Stephen was introduced to it from r7
  • Diaspora stopped really developing and involving the community so we have moved on
  • Android App by the TSSA the Olympic Survival Kit it is in the interest of workers and passengers
  • Great to see technology being a way to link unions with communities
  • It was not outsourced Walton asked 🙂

23:54 Will the Rants Come Back

  • There was a “so-called” election in Mexico and a political movement started called
  • Stephen gives a brief history of the student movement with a political critique
  • A controlled movement with marches after marches offer the deep connections of Piena Nieto (PRI) and Televisa (hint Piena Nieto’s wife is a Soap Opera star on Televisa)
  • Post marches no organizing, yosoy132 has more or less become a front group to the PRD
  • Carlos “Fat” Slim and the relationship with the PRD
  • Stephen says we should start the critique from economic and not political first cause connection political corruptions to economic corruption is harder.
  • Movements need to build things and not just march and protest
  • We need a movement with no leaders but horizontal movements are stronger and longer lasting but slower to build
  • Walton dislikes the people who have been active who return to watching TV
  • Stephen highlights that we need to do more work for change instead of more work for profits to someone else





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