Cyberunions Podcast – Episode 56 Things are rumbling in the Summer …. of Strikes from Egypt to Madrid?

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Rumbles in the sky

Labor activism on the rise in Egypt

  • Walton describes the strikes occuring in Egypt from Textile factories to other industries
  • The Islamic Brotherhood is about charity and not in support of workers coming together to improve their conditions
  • The Arab Spring though popular from twitter, has a longer history than the last year and much originates with union strikes
  • Tear gas (possibly Made in the USA) is being used on the strikes across the country
  • There is a historical echo to the labor movement in South Africa reignited the movement against Apartheid
  • The left in Egpt has not come forward with a political plan and the two major candidates are not supporters of the movement

Things are beginning to stir in Spain

  • Though we have heard a lot about Greece the next place is Spain
  • Spain has a much larger economy and it is likely that the banks will get bailed out
  • Protests and marches are occuring across the country to fight the austerity measures
  • Movements are afoot, but we are still closer to the beginning than the middle of the movements

**We try tech update but fail…this is in part cause Stephen was in a rush to get out and the thunderstorm disrrupted the connection (can you figure out where?)**

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