Cyberunions Podcast: Episode 55 Quit Your Mumble*ing

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0:30 the Good the Bad and…

  • Rainy Scotland vs Rainy/Sunny Mexico City
  • Walton chooses the bad first…Stephen was mugged at knife point and received cuts from the fight and lost his awesome Nokia N900
  • The good…Stephen’s activism with Mayfirst has led to the organization asking him to attend the World Social Forum on Palestine in Brazil
  • The important thing is Stephen has to learn Drupal, quickly…it’s a good project to work on

9:54 the Interesting

  • Walton goes to two conferences Unite political school and to Global Labor Institute summer school
  • Northern College a leftwing college with an interesting tour
  • Interaction with activists was a great experience and interesting stories about the Arab Spring and Greece uprising and future of activism
  • Walton was with people with similar perspective to Cyberunions
  • The economic game has changed…Porche highly profitable in auto manufacturing but they make more by gambling in the financial markets
  • Stephen wants capitalists to listen so they can understand their own fucking system….Walton is sick of explaining the capitalist system to capitalists….it’s a short term gain not long term
  • Stephen comrades from Labornotes attended as well as Cornel Labor program that Stephen read the books of but not taught by

22:24 Walton Sounds Reallly Good Despite the Mumble 😉

  • We are using Mumble and Stephen quickly had Walton install it right before the show
  • We have nice people that listen to the show?
  • The sound quality at time of recording was really good
  • Stephen gives <sad face> cause the N900 had mumble support
  • Walton didn’t listen to Stephen and just setup the application by following the startup audio wizard
  • Best built in recording ability in comparison to skype and jitsi

26:24 For The Win is For The Real

  • Diablo 3: The Blizzard sweatshop describes a similar economy to For The Win (The Hard Cover or the Free digital copy)
  • Blizzard has made a market out of buying and selling weapons online with a direct link to paypal accounts
  • If you sell something in the game you can cash out but you have to pay a 15% tax to which means they make money off of your sale.
  • This lessens the dependency on selling the software and instead creates a market that Blizzard makes even more money off
  • This is exactly what For The Win was talking about building an economy that people who don’t play can make money off of it.
  • Walton ask will Stephen dive into the game and try to organize the players into a union
  • Stephen won’t buy the game now but might try it if it becomes free
  • Mumble is a way to organize since it is used to communicate with players in multi-player games
  • Crazy when fiction becomes reality…but it is usually the depressing stuff wins in reality
  • It’d be great to see in the end the players get paid instead of players paying Blizzard
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