The Cyberunions Podcast Episode 48 The Forums were down!!

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0:33 Forums are back!

  • Stephen tried to update the forums and messed it up, but things are back to normal now!!
  • Walton shares his experience with Union Solidarity International
  • Stephen uso computadora en español, poquito difici

6:30 Stephen tries to jump to tech update

  • But Walton swings in with a great labor story from South Africa
  • COSATU made some
    amazing achievements
    protecting union and non-union workers including political strikes
  • DA (right wing group) organized and marched on Cosatu, blood in the streets, neither side looked good.
  • The unemployed in South Africa are well organized

14:23 Tech Update

  • We try out jitsi as a cross platform replacement of skype
  • We recall the beginning of the show when we were on the search for a skype replacement
  • Stephen had toubles on debian with it as he could not record, but Walton had more success
  • It is easy to setup and easy to replace skype and has built in recorder
  • Stephen is picky with Java as the language being used but it has a lot of potential

19:30 FriendFace hIPO free CUKE!

  • Stephen thinks Facebook will go to shit finally
  • Walton explains that the feeling is that it is overpriced as it has dropped since it’s opening
  • Dotcom 2.0 bubble crash…dotcom 1.0 crash was quite interesting
  • Rant on ad revenue businesses as not stable cause it relies on a manufacturing and other economics to survive
  • Stephen feels Facebook will crash like the rest of them
  • Walton explains a tension between user wants and shareholder wants

23:35 Free Software meets Solidarity Economy

  • Noosfero is solidarity economy based social network with many features
  • The sites running noosfero make it appear to be a great piece of software for many different social movement campaigns.
  • Stephen explains the challenges of using Ruby
  • Noosfero reminds Stephen of Orkut before it was bought by google
  • Module based site, not a one size fits all, features include XMPP and online image editor.

28:01 Feedback

  • In feedback from our interview with Smári from the … I M… I M M…..the  Icelandic Modern Media Institute and International Modern Media Institute
  • Doughlasawh from explained his point on the First Amendment in relation to the states and Stephen continued the discussion to make his point 🙂



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