The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode 49 – It’s our birthday…

…so how the hell do we make this show?

On our one year anniversary, we talk about the technical details behind the show

Download high quality OGG
Download low quality OGG
Download MP3

We make lots of weird sounds. Walton is inadvertently recorded singing.

3:00 How do we record an intercontinental show?

  • We connect through VoIP – we use Google Talk, though we’ve tested many others
  • We each record our own audio on each end
  • We use a cloud service like Dropbox to share the audio files
  • We use Audacity to to edit the audio files into a single file with music

8:00 Audacity is a fantastic piece of software

  • Output into your favourite format – MP3, OGG, FLAC etc.
  • Adjust levels
  • Rescue bad audio with noise removal

15:00 Get a decent mic! It makes all the difference

18:00 We use the cloud to share audio files

21:00 Add sound!

Our title track is a Creative Commons track by Brynn

Jamendo is a good source of Creative Commons music

23:00 Upload the audio to the web

  • WordPress doesn’t allow large uploads by default so look for another service
  • is the best

25:00 Syndicate!

  • We use a WordPress plugin called Power Press to embed an audio player
  • We burned a feed with Feedburner
  • Then we found a non-FOSS computer to we could submit the feed to iTunes

30:00 Forums

  • Any more questions? Come and ask us in the forums.




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