The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode 47 – No matter who you vote for, the Government always wins

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Strikes and elections in Europe

  • The weather in Scotland is miserable
  • Stephen moved to a new apartment in Mexico city and is very excited
  • Walton just started working for Union Solidarity International
  • 30,000 cops marched in the public sector strike
  • 400,000 people took action – pictures here
  • The Tories have broken their contract with the police – could spell trouble
  • When the police unionised in apartheid South Africa it undermined that organisation as an instrument of oppression
  • POPCRU was formed by Lieutenant Gregory Rockman

6:30 Tech update

  • IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat
  • We’re going to try to integrate the IRC channel into the web page
  • Forums are taking off nicely – thanks

9:20 It’s election time in Greece and France

  • Stephen is not keen on voting when there’s no alternative
  • France: Hollande is no radical, but his election could represent a sea change in Europe
  • People are rejecting austerity
  • Radical left party Syriza have come from nowhere to dominate the Greek elections
  • Centre left parties need to realise that the centre is collapsing and it’s time to articulate a left alternative
  • The Democrats are distancing themselves from the unions
  • Parliament is the management system of the status quo
  • We need to contest power in the workplace and on the streets
  • It’s impossible to get structural change through the ballot box – there needs to be outside pressure
  • Voting can change the terrain that struggles happen in – there are strategic reasons for voting
  • Another world is possible!
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