The Cyberunions Podcast – Episode 46: gIMMI net freedomz

We speak to Smári McCarthy of the International Modern Media Institute

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1:30 May Day updates

  • Good day in Mexico City
  • Good article about the new and old left coming together in the US
  • Interesting times across Europe
  • Elections in the UK (local), France and Greece

6:00 Tech update

  • Apple finally credits Open Street Maps
  • Duckduckgo searches Open Street Maps if you search !osm

8:00 Interview with Smári McCarthy

  • International Modern Media Institute builds media freedom best practice
  • Makes Iceland the best country in the world to host information
  • Time to go on the offensive to assert net freedom
  • In the US, free speech is easy to suppress at local level
  • Free speech laws are 200 years out of date and not fit for the information age
  • Never waste a good crisis – it’s an opportunity for change
  • Birgitta Jonsdottir helped promote media freedom in the Alþingi
  • The financial crisis means Iceland can no longer rely on is finance sector
  • Data services become a new economic sector, which is diversified and encourages entrepeneurship
  • ACTA is a threat to a large portion of human endeavour and must be stopped
  • Lobbyists have succeeded in entrenching intellectual monopoly protections into the Kenyan constitution – allows them to leverage East Africa
  • How do unions fit into this? Where is the digital labour movement?
  • the labour movement is paralysed by hierarchy – the internet challenges this and can unlock union power
  • The industrial revolution was a tragic mistake
  • How do you protect whistleblowers?
  • You can get hosting in Iceland through Ecodis


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