The Cyberunions Podcast – Episode 45: IT’s Workers’ Day

…let’s take those bastards down!

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Intro track: Take the Bastards Down by Dropkick Murphys

3:00 Updates

  • Walton and Stephen talk about the weather in Glasgow and Mexico City
  • Stephen has taken up sewing
  • Walton was at the STUC Congress in Inverness
  • The STUC voted to support the BDS campaign against Israel
  • The Cooperative Group became the first major supermarket chain in Europe to join the boycott – the Guardian and HaAretz

10:20 It’s May Day

  • We discuss different traditions in different countries
  • Why does the US celebrate Labor day in September? Depoliticised and turned into a shopping day
  • The Occupy movement is planning a lot of events

14:20 The history of May Day

  • 1886 Haymarket riots in Chicago
  • Demonstration for an 8 hour day – a bomb was thrown
  • Seven anarchists were sentenced to death
  • Worldwide protests against the execution lead to the founding of May Day as a day commemorating workers’ sacrifice
  • Workers’ memorial day on 28 April commemorates workers who die on the job

20:00 How do we organise the digital proletariat?

  • David Bacon wrote a seminal article about organising tech workers
  • See also
  • New management techniques are piloted in the high tech sector first, before being applied to other work places
  • Comment on the forums!

29:00 Feedback

  • Good comments from BostonGeorge on IRC
  • Coming soon – how to make a podcast!
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