Cyberunions Talk Show – Episode 43 Mujeres Libres

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0:29 We played a Prank on all of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Apparently we were too real that we weren’t funny
  • Or we were trolling and did not crack up in making the show
  • April First show was planned for quite some time
  • Walton wavers on being for Capitalism…..No, we are still Post Capitalists

3:26 Working with local union branches

  • Walton did a wordpress install for a local branch and saw the local learn and create very quickly
  • Stephen suggests we do a segment on branch websites, but need to take into account legal concerns
  • Walton is on or on to something to provide resources for local branches

5:14 Walton is Moving!

  • Close to where John Maclean a famous socialist Dives out of the show early.
  • Stephen keeps the competition going, he might move closer to Trotsky’s house

7:15 Women and Floss/Labor

  • We are joined with Deb Nicholson Free Software Activist
  • Active in Open Invention Network, OpenHatch Board responsible for Boston Python workshops for Women and their Friends to increase women in free software development
  • ADA initiative is formed to look at the gender gap in open tech and open culture communities to fix the gender gap, through events and consulting

9:30 The challenge of a male dominated world

  • The percentage of women in the tech fields has gone down
  • Free Software movement is a bit behind on the gender balance
  • When working toward freedom and empowerment you can’t focus on one type of person
  • The hours and work style are a challenge to many that are not familiar or able to meet the expectations

17:15 The challenge of a minority in the workplace

  • Studies have shown that until a minority of any sort is above 15% the minority worker is seen as a representative of that community
  • In the case of women, when working together becomes gossip more than observing collaboration
  • Community need to have a self critical community that is conscious of being human and making mistakes, but correcting those mistakes

23:00 Working with other groups and focus on terminology

  • Free Software project to work with the Girl Scouts on teaching the use of free software graphics software
  • The culture was much different with developers if you don’t interrupt you don’t get heard
  • At the GirlScouts meetings and discussions included using “and””building on” instead of “but”

25:40 What can others do to assist in changing the culture and dynamics of the work place?

  • In projects/usergroup/workplace if you want it to be more welcoming is setup an a code of conduct or diversity statement…etc setting a standard of the type of language and to enforce it
  • Important to when unacceptable comments are made that the policy is enforced as it is not constructive to building the community
  • Preventing a hostile environment

31:45 Productivity with less insane hours

  • When Deb worked at the FSF she was a member of the UAW 2324
  • Stephen was also a UAW member while in graduate school
  • Deb and Stephen discuss the UAW and different aspects of the contract

40:00 Life in the Union

  • Division of labor and building a solidarity idea within the union
  • Developing a way for Administrators to work towards becoming sysadmins and gaining other skills
  • It’s a bigger challenge at an advocacy organization like FSF cause they do not hire often
  • Internship applications became a focus to increase the diversity
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