Cyberonions podast: Episode 42 – We will be millionaires!

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We see the light: disappointed at spending another birthday on a train, Walton complains that Cyberunions hasn’t made any money. How can we monetise this project?

Making this gig pay

  • Sell web services to Occupy?
  • Create an affiliate marketing programme selling Microsoft packages to unions?
  • Punting proprietary databases programmes that keep unions locked in to expensive contracts

Disciplining workers and extracting the maximum surplus value

  • We are tired of working. Maybe we can outsource the production of the podcast
  • Employing people is so 21st Century – we can use unpaid interns
  • Better yet, who needs people – maybe we can get a bot to do it all

What organisational framework will fit our production schedule best?

  • Question is, do we favour libertarian or authoritarian capitalism?
  • Walton’s Stalinist tendencies means he fetishises the firm hand of State power to keep production on schedule
  • Stephen prefers a more subtle, ideological method, convincing our workers they are free
  • Maybe a compromise is in order – absolute State brutality beneath a thin veneer of freedom

There’s more money to be made in the financial markets than in producing

  • In fact, making things is so last century! We need to financialise
  • Maybe we can develop a market for credit default swaps on whether the show is released on time]
  • Stranger things have happened – and it would be perfect insider training
  • Join us and get wealthy!
  • Think and grow rich!
  • We have the secret!


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