Cyberunions Talk Show – Episode 44 We are DuckDuckgoing to talk about Internet Freedom

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0:28 We missed a week

4:10 Let’s hear the tech Updates

  • We’ve been using DuckDuckGo cause it doesn’t track your searches like google does
  • Great search abilities to use the bang (!) to do specific searches
  • Stephen first learned that ! is called bang when he used CrunchBang (#!) Linux
  • Walton doesn’t have that growing sense of paranoia that google knows everything, discovered it in Linuxmint

8:35 Internet Freedom infringed by the FBI

  • Mayfirst was approached by the FBI about access to a server in relation to one email that was tracked by IP through a Mayfirst server that is administered by Riseup Network that the European Counter Network (ECN) uses with an Anonymous Remailer
  • What is an anonymous remailer
  • FBI went to the housing location and took the server from the housing company
  • Mayfirst/Riseup/ECN released a statement

16:24 Return of SOPA/PIPA

  • The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is the new SOPA/PIPA
  • What is CISPA? information provided by EFF
  • Allows companies to give personal information from emails to the federal government without a court order
  • Governments realize that activism is becoming powerful online and doing what they can to cut it down
  • The UK version is similar to CISPA is the Communications Capabilities Development Programme

22:00 We search for a cheery note to end on

  • Stephen has nothing, Walton brings us back to the potential of Union Solidarity International



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