Cyberunions Talk Show: Episode 39 Walton is sooooo Boring!!!

**NOTE: Sorry about the double intro song, ran into minor but unresolvable editing issues last night**

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0:35 Walton’s Yawn!

5:25 Stephen talks of exciting stuff

  • Stephen gets to do labor research with Cilas which is similar to Labornotes in the US
  • Doing what one is supposed to after studying Corporate Research
  • Make use of the forums by bringing out Open Source or Free Software debate about the Labor
  • Walton wants to start a flame war

9:01 We go back to Ruskin

  • Notes on the Talk will be updated later (wanted to get the show up)

26:56 Where labor is in relation to Tech

  • Stephen felt like he was there
  • Satipera was a Ruskin, badge and all
  • Decpticon of Comes to the Forums
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