Cyberunions Talk Show Episode 40 – The Spring Anniversary and Renewal

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0:30 Locals calling him Esteban

  • Everything is good! Apologize for the audio error from Episode 39, lesson learned details here
  • Stephen’s edits don’t matter cause Walton is our sole listener 😉
  • St. Patrick’s Day (o San Patricio) in Glasgow every day is St Patrick’s Day, Walton instead went Rock Climbing on a “very high wall
  • Stephen had a Mexican St. Patrick’s day with a new drink called pulque

5:54 What did Walton do in Tech yesterday

  • ssh Walton learns server stuff and shared a screen with Stephen on the server to learn the backend
  • Stephen puts the listeners to sleep…Walton thinks we split our audience
  • Researched the XMPP for a possible mayfirst project.
  • Walton has his cyberunions email and Stephen’s email

15:25 Call to action to support labor activists

  • Stop the execution of Abdolreza Ghanbari take action!!!
  • TOR support for activists and journalists in Iran
  • Find a techie and use this new TOR feature to help people in Iran and Syria

26:51 Participate on cyberunions site

  • Listener and podcaster discusses news and a lo about news that is not covered well take a listen Talk Geek To Me


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