Cyberunions podcast: Episode 38 – Walton goes to the other Oxford

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Stephen’s updates

  • Stephen teaches students to be GIMPs
  • Stephen has been fiddling with the Cyberunions site and has added Vanilla Forums
  • Add a comment!

06:00 Walton’s updates

  • Walton visits the Ruskin College MA programme
  • Great MA programme in International Labour and Trade Union Studies
  • This is where I learned to theorise cyberunions
  • Interview with programme director Ian Manborde
  • If you’re interested in the course, email Ian.

15:30 Ruskin students talk about their research

  • Students are researching interesting things
  • Gender, BME representation, sex work, migration, solidarity unionism and more
  • Dek was interested in our show on solidarity unionism

25:30 Interview with Mary Compton of Teacher Solidarity

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