Cyberunions Podcast: Episode 36 – Zsocial on ParE-con-tradiction

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0:31 We have updates!

  • Walton is back in the saddle
  • I learned to do video streaming FLOSS style
  • We have a social network from the GPL software of  Please email us for invites
  • Social network with character, 1200 characters at the moment, it’s not a radical number

7:38 Labourstart Stats

  • 2nd annual survey of trade union use of the Internet
  • More than double of the respondents, self selected but useful info
  • Survey is English and French…need spanish
  • Not raw data the info is from the labourstart blog
  • Biggest social network is facebook, but linked in is used a lot
  • Twitter jump…Walton’s theory is that twitter was a monitor but the numbers are up from last year a lot
  • Unionbook is on the decline…reminds us of the new Zsocial

14:57 Stephen takes a look at Zsocial

  • Zsocial is not federated with Ostatus
  • Hosted by Zcommunications with the author of an Hope by Michael Albert
  • Came across this Facebook is a diseased, Zsocial as Medicine? and the comments pissed Stephen off!
  • Expectation was the use of free software and creative commons, but turns out from the article comments and this interview we find a different thought on free software..i mean open source
  • Free software community according to Albert is not political and not anti-capitalist
  • Matter of terminology and the use of socialism 
  • The free software coordination of development is not capitalist, surplus is not created and a product for the community is created.
  • Michael Albert is blind to the free software movement, the free software movement enables a different mode of production
  • Zsocial does nothing different than the failures of unionbook, but does nothing that Diaspora and do
  • We wouldn’t have this show if we did not make the connection between the social movements and free software movements

28:35 Feedback loop

  • We received an email from Kevin, who wrote a nice background of his in the movement
  • Kevin raised two things, first if we have projects that he could participate in
  • The first project is to build the community here, by installing the Vanilla Forums software
  • The second is for us to basically bring in a segment to the show talking about philosophy, which will will integrate.
  • Please keep the emails coming we always want to hear and it helps with future shows.




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