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0:31 …with me is…actually Walton

  • From the land of slow internet
  • Very few Trade Unions and Activists use the Internet in South Africa
  • We need to change the name of the show RadioSMSunions dot org?
  • Need to be more flexible with technology for communication amongst activists

5:46 We have been syndicated

8:21 Netbook Love Returns

  • Walton continues to praise the Asus eeePC
  • Used Clementine at the wedding

9:28 Interviewing a date?

  • If you recall we moved to mayfirst servers
  • Jamie and Josue from Mayfirst
  • Mayfirst is a membership organization, with 700 members, who are entitled to hosting, websites, emails and email lists to name a few
  • The internet should be based on free and open protocols and free software

11:40 The creation of Mayfirst

  • Merger of People Link and Mayfirst
  • Took on a new structure of a membership organization
  • Josue spent most of the 1990s union organizing and community organizing
  • Institute for Global Communications, which was the first nonprofit service proivder
  • In 1996 Josue was running then went on to work with Alfredo on People Link

13:35 Mayfirst is a known name why did you all take the name

  • In 1999 named media jump start
  • 2003 we changed to Mayfirst Technology Collective
  • Internationally mayday is known but in the US though based here not known
  • The domain name was still available in 2003

16:28 What is the community?

  • Join Mayfirst People Link is like joining a union a really good union
  • It is an uphill struggle, the way capitalism has developed people think of corporations and not about politics
  • Mayfirst is political and needs to be for the betterment of technology
  • Participating in conferences and meetings
  • Planning to launch more trainings online and offline to expand the community.

19:00 Creating space for the social movements

  • A ‘good’ union, need to qualify it
  • Server Names…they are all unique names, who is Dorothy?
  • All servers are named after activists…Dorothy Day
  • Used to have a section in the news letter to highlight the name of a server
  • Connection to other social movements, Dorothy Day was a devout catholic

24:00 Challenge to engage most of our union members

  • 25-35 Union members
  • Challenging cause of the culture of the unions, unions is more of a 9-5 culture
  • We do outreach to unions, but it is a challenge and reflects on the larger challenge social movements
  • Reminds Stephen of the idea behind the cyberunions podcast, talk to labor to network and connect free software to labor unions

26:30 It takes a movement to bring people together

  • Biggest Mayfirst commitment to Occupy has been the tech support
  • Ross as main support person has does a fantastic job on getting sites up
  • Occupy is getting more tech savy with streamings…to radio to politics of technology
  • The future show to reverse the interview.
  • The Community is welcoming and not typical capitalist IT mentality, always welcoming to people from where they are coming from.






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