Cyberunions Talk Show: Episode 37 Left wing, FLOSS, Right wing, or What

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0:28 Sparks are flying

  • Walton is exhausted from playing futbol
  • Sparks have through rank and file thoroughly won and got an unlikely supporter
  • The Teamsters Jimmy Hoffa Jr. supported a rank and file movement, but not the Teamsters for a Democratic Union

6:35 Stephen’s part of the world

  • Unions are back in the Cyberunions
  • Attended a small tech working group with Occupy Coyoacan
  • Started with web security discussion and ended with the OS that always forgets itself
  • Planned future security and free software options in workshops

9:23 Back to Walton’s world

  • Walton returns to his MA in Labor Studies program at Ruskin College to give a talk about Cyberunions
  • Stephen thinks we need less listeners and proposing Stephen’s MA labor studies programs takes on Walton’s MA program.

10:35 Tech Update

  • Stephen keeps secrets from Walton, he’s been learning things and having fun
  • We have a Forums section at Cyberunions
  • An unexpected quick install of Vanilla Forums
  • If you create an account on our Status/Identica sight email mv (a)
  • One can use their Statusnet account as an OpenID to prevent needing multiple accounts for sites

13:28 Debate Commences…I mean we talk about things

  • We respond to the leftist critiques of Free Software, inspired by emails
  • Left wingers and Right wingers seem to like Free Software
  • Walton theorizes that the Right wing likes it cause it tackles the those collecting rent like Bill Gates
  • Current of libertarians in the tech sector, rent was left over from feudalism to capitalism
  • Capitalism can take advantage of free software, they do it with change in terms to “Open Source”

17:57 An analogy free software is to capitalism as unions are too

  • Like a union just cause you have one does not mean you are not working in the capitalist system, cause you are until you take over the means of the production
  • Free software is in a position where workers can take the means of production into their own hands
  • Organizing in the tech sector is very hard to organize
  • Massive online sandbox to experience what the commons are like and we can learn from it and apply to the physical world too

20:57 Skips the moon and mars and boom to Saturn

  • GM had a car brand named Saturn in the US
  • Production model changed to workers having a voice in design and working conditions
  • Capitalists know that if workers have ownership and involvement they are more productive
  • Alienation of your labor still takes place and exploitation still exists
  • Tools and methods are there for the workers to take to the next mode of production
  • Google is a big exploiter with their 20% time and salary methods as the mode of production is the same
  • Free software can be easily changed into a different mode of production

25:33 A new serious of discussions?

  • We hit the philosophy discussion and see a future for it in the show
  • Free Software could be build a lighter less harsh capitalism, find it slightly progressive, better but not the end goal
  • Social Democracy and Neoliberalism are two forms of capitalism
  • If it were not for that “Horse” no wait if it weren’t for free software this show would not likely easily exist
  • Need to remember that just getting a union is the start, it’s after we have it that the real fight begins
  • Same for free software, you have it great, but still need to organize to take over the work place and change the mode of production

29:24 Does dead air exist on the internet?

  • Never happened “ummm”… “ahhh” on the show 😉
  • Need to return to this discussion
  • Stephen doesn’t think people think, we are leaders tell people how to think and we cannot be question
  • They can do what they want by sending emails to mv (at)

30:45 Take out or out take


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  2. Hi comrades, there has been a very recent exchange on the same issue, it can be very interesting to link up and join in discussions, ie if you think of a larger round table show! In solidarity, Orsan The P2P – Marxism Debate Takes OffPosted on February 24, 2012 As an intro to a recent post ‘And the Debate Begins… Peer-to-Peer and Marxism: analogies and differences‘ we have said:“We are posting a critically timed and very important interview on P2P-Marxism nexus. Conducted by Jean Lievens with the founder of the Foundation for P2P Alternatives Michel Bauwens on some aspects of his P2P theory and Marxist theory, the interview might be the opening of the greatest debate of coming years. While the rising ‘mode of P2P Production’ and new P2P political processes have obviously overdetermined the massive social change process that came about in 2011, with the contribution of such productive debate we would be able to get much clearer projections
    on real alternatives to capitalism, and how to make these alternatives happen. In the aftermath of the death of  the ‘postmodern condition’ and with the return of  the ‘class warfare’ , such debate would level the field for a constructive engagement between marxist, anarchist, and post-marxist critical traditions.”
    The debate has been recently took off with impulses coming from a short article by Bohm and Land, and Jakob Rigi’s response to them. We reproduce the email exchange below. The debate will likely continue here and/orhere. In order to join the debate on the first link you will need to register P2P Foundation’s social network on Ning first.

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