The Cyberunions Talk Show: Episode 34 Eff it we’ll call it Pipe Soup (SOPA/PIPA)

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0:26 Walton is still missing

  • Temporary replacement is Douglas
  • The not missing EFF interview of the first Music Manumit Lawcast
  • Douglas thinks a lot and acts like a lawyer

2:15 Die Die die!!!

  • Douglas leans toward the anarchist, Anarchy is all over the place
  • Black out
  • In spanish SOPA/PIPA means Pipe soup
  • Call out for a second show…please give feedback

4:50 The EFF-ing interview

  • Join by Parker Higgins from the Electronic Frontier Foundation or the EFF
  • Different from the normal shows … looking at it from an activist and legal point of view
  • SOPA difference than the DMCA SOPA goes outside the borders
  • Rogue foreign sites are the “target” but the actions of the legislation was put on the ISP and DNS providers
  • Adds further clauses of Anti-Circumvention which adds another level by diminishing safe harbor
  • DMCA is a really big law and could be an entire show…gonna focus on SOPA/PIPA

10:35 The show could be 2 hours

  • How does SOPA/PIPA differ in relation to theBerne Convention
  • SOPA/PIPA it to take action on countries that agreed on copy right law but are not enforcing it.
  • Bye bye Megaupload see the FBI link here 
  • No one in Hollywood has listed the sites to go after
  • Questions if there are sites that exist that cannot be enforced by existing laws

19:05 These things didn’t just happen

  • These are in some ways rewrites of legislation written in 2010 called COICA
  • Differences between PIPA (Senate Bill) and SOPA (House Bill)
  • Both had DNS provisions…but as time passed went different routes, but by the 18th of January they were very similar
  • PIPA used a term to use search engine that could have been a problem it was “Information Access Tool”
  • Constitution infringements…these bills would sign non-infringing speech
  • Where is the “due process” in the first bill no court order was needed, but softened however order could be a one sided hearing

25:05 Dejazz1 and NO due process

  • Site contained no infringing content…seized and site shut down
  • Over the course of a year, appealed to the government and gave no info then after a year no case and no new process
  • Need to go to DC to file appeals
  • Thoughts on OPEN Act
  • The “piracy” problem is not something to be resolved in legislation
  • MPAA/RIAA tried to position it as a “jobs” issue and not a copy write issue
  • Pharmaceutical industry testified in support of SOPA/PIPA but referenced existing laws that worked, shot the MPAA/RIAA foot

33:28 Fairs exist where the goods in question are sold

  • Do laws exist now to go after websites
  • Root problem is that the problem is not clearly defined
  • Aimed only at US directed goods and websites

36:15 What to do about the the next SOPA

  • Being vigilant on what the US State Department are pushing
  • ACTA (another show)
  • These policies used to be for nerds, but now a time to discuss in the mainstream about the real issues
  • Big backlash in other countries against SOPA type legislation is great to see action being taken
  • Space within , inspiring since labor unions supported SOPA/PIPA
  • OccupyBoston passed a proposal against SOPA/PIPA
  • Thank you for taking the time for the interview


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