The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode 24 We figured we’d do a show on books

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0:38 Stephen’s update

2:40 Walton and Stephen discuss the Occupy Movement

7:10 Walton’s update

  • Occupy Glasgow – people are vulnerable and need to watch each others backs
  • I’m getting arrested – the smart phone app for Occupiers
  • Ballotting for industrial action on N30

12:50 Stephen’s latest distro

  • Back to Debian Wheezy

13:59 Tech update

17:37 We think these books are cool

Labo(u)r history

  •   by Priscilla Murolo
  • Also worth watching Matewan
  •  by Paul Mason
  •  by Tom Juravich
  • by Dan Clawson



  • and by David Harvey; also…
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