The Cyberunions Podcast – Episode 23: Union busting scumbag bastards

0:37 Stephen’s updates

  • Stephen is still involved in the Occupy Boston tech group
  • Occupy has dropped Google for Mayfirst for email and server hosting – secure hosting for activists
  • Stephen has been weeding out trolls and spammers from #OccupyBoston on IRC
  • He is learning about GPG crypto and SSH – secure shell for network communications

3:40 Walton’s update

  • Went down to Occupy Glasgow in George Square
  • George Square has some activist history – in 1919 there was an insurrection that was put down when the British army sent in tanks
  • Been testing out Tails – Paranoid Linux – easy to use, great security
10:55 Union busting in the UK and US
  • Many union busting strategies are imported from the US
  • Here is a useful TUC report on US union busters and their impact on British industrial relations
  • A company of union busters reviewed Cyberunions – they don’t like the idea of swarm organising, which is encouraging
  • Union busting is a growth industry online
  • Jackson Lewis is a US union busting law firm
  • This should be posted in all US workplaces
  • The National Labor Relations Board process
  • The recognition process in the UK
  • Work is organised to make it difficult for workers to interact with each other
  • Strong unions give you social democratic institutions without big government, democratise work and hold corporate power to account
  • It’s worth checking out Parecon for ideas on alternative ways of organising work
32:18 Feedback
  • We’ve had a request on the IRC for a Books section on the site. We will do our best when we have time
  • MJRay wonders if there is a US conspiracy to dominate audio levels
  • We are on – welcome occupiers.
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