The Cyberunions Talk Show: Episode 25 – Walton is half-cut, I play catchup

Walton is half cut and I am playing catchup

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0:30 We celebrate our 25th episode with a wee swally

  • Walton is on Aberlour a’bunadh
  • Stephen is drinking Harpoon Chocolate Stout
  • What is there possibly to talk about for 25 shows?
  • We think our show is a great practical example of what is possible – two amateurs who have never met using technology to collaborate on a project
  • We expected a lot of listeners from mainstream union, but listeners are more diverse than expected
  • We have tech and politics listeners, as well as programmers
  • We’ve had good interactions with radical unions like the IWW and IWA
14:00 You liked books so we’ll make them a regular feature
16:42 The Occupy Update
  • Occupy London Stock Exchange is causing a big theological upheaval in the Church of England
  • Is St Paul’s the Vatican of Capital, or do we still throw money lenders out of the temple
  • Occupy has opened up discourse. It’s more than a protest – it’s a conversation too
  • Mexico Solidarity Network visited Occupy Boston – there’s an Occupy Tijuana too
  • Who would have thought there’d be a successful general strike in the US?
25:40 We get a bit slurry


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