The Cyberunions Podcast – Episode 22: ‘Mon the Dragon!

“This is not heaven, and we are not angels”

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0:54 Stephen’s updates 

  • Stephen has been at Occupy Boston
  • There was a stand off between the Occupy movement and the Boston police
  • Stephen manages to avoid getting arrested, so he was able to record this show
  • The police attacked Veterans for Peace
  • It’s too early for the Occupy movement to formalise demands

10:17 Interview with Rob Witherell

  • Rob is an organiser at the United Steelworkers
  • Rob negotiated the cooperation between the USW and Mondragon
  • Mondragon is the largest worker owned cooperative in the world
  • It has 100,00 worker owners
  • Can we rebuild our manufacturing sector with cooperative ownership?
  • At Mondragon, people are more important than profit
  • Keeps people in quality manufacturing jobs
  • “This is not heaven, and we are not angels” – Mondragon runs a lean business, but to benefit workers rather than shareholders
  • A successful co-op in the US is Evergreen in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Some tech co-ops include GAIA Host web hosting and The Software Co-op

45:40 Walton and Stephen are suitably impressed

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