The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode Thirteen

Labo(u)r history in the clouds

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Continued from Episode 12 – this is part two of a two part show.

1:00 Walton’s updates

  • Training in creating websites for branches/locals
  • Every branch/local should have a Communications Officer – put the comms in your hands

2:00 Stephen’s updates

5:00 Global solidarity – the view from South Africa
11:30 US Labor History
17:00 The situation in the UK
  • Craft unions, organised on skills lines – can be conservative
  • IWW model – one industry, one union. No competition between unions!
  • Unions can be too bureaucratic – structure should be a loose framework that facilitates activism
  • Every member should be an activist
  • Servicing model has demobilised members
20:45 Union structures are an obstacle
  • The US is at the forefront of neoliberalism – the rest of the world is converging on this economic model
  • Stephen doesn’t think unions should employ people
  • Bureacratic structures respond too slowly
  • The theoretical discussion on trees and rhizomes
  • Dual unionism is one tactic – get the best of both worlds
  • The Teamsters for a Democratic Union
30:00 We’ve seen the history – is cloud computing the future?
  • Cloud computing – Google Docs, Dropbox, ChromeOS and so on
  • Jolicloud was a cloud-based Linux distro
  • The cloud is only as good as your internet connection
  • Who controls your data?
  • FreedomBox might be the solution – uses plug servers running Debian and using onion routers, encryption and social networks
  • Convenience of the cloud without any of the dangers
39:00 Thanks and Feedback

  • TINAP Andyc and Davidmarsden
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