The Cyberunions Podcast: Episode Twelve

Solidarity – for starters

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A longer show than usual – sorry. We get into a debate about the practical implications of global solidarity.

1:10 Stephen has spent more time with the Free Software Foundation

  • The Free Software Foundation are unionised! They have a contract (recognition agreement) with the UAW
  • Our work here is done – the free and open source software and the trade union movements working together
3:00 Walton has been training finance sector reps
  • In the UK, finance sector workers are organised by Unite, Accord and a few smaller unions.
  • Union density in finance is not very high, but there are some excellent reps
  • Because they are white collar workplaces, they are ideal for organising with social media
7:00 We review Google+
  • Circles, like Diaspora’s Aspects, makes it easier to manage different areas of your life
  • Opt in following like twitter
  • Much better at privacy than Facebook
  • Hangouts allows video chat with up to 20 people. Easy to set up and potentially useful for online union meetings
  • Google uses Open Source XMPP protocol for chat and video call
  • Video calls and chat are encrypted and not recorded by default, but…
  • Calls can be recorded at the request of law enforcement
  • Google’s response to questions about privacy
  • A really good review of Google+, with a focus on privacy settings
  • At least Google is being honest with us – and ordinary phone calls can be recorded too
  • Google+ doesn’t accept pseudonyms – @GrrlScientist is unhappy
15:00 The social contract has broken down
  • HSBC makes £7 billion profit and axes 30,000 jobs
  • Greek waiters occupy their workplaces
  • Ronald Reagan and air traffic controllers
  • Is Obama any better? Not so much.
  • You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows
23:00 We need to renegotiate the social contract
38:00 Feedback



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