The Cyberunions Talk Show: Episode Fourteen

Riots, Strikes and Reddit

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0:40 Walton’s Update

  • Worship the Glitch
  • What’s a Kernel
  • Tech Issues


5:30 Stephen’s Update

  • Life on Unemployment
  • Career Service Center is mandatory
  • Private Career Center
  • Receive state funds for people who attend

8:45 London is on Fire-Cameron

  • Riot update
  • Limited Future
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • BBM shutdown threat
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Facebook post leads to 4 years in prison
  • Is there a deeper message
  • Power of the Federation

15:52 Telecom Workers on Strike


21:36 Corporations are People too


24:58 Good News

  • Student Occupation
  • Chose a great building to occupy
  • Ended Occupation since February cause they WON!
  • No cut backs, no redundancies (layoffs for American listeners)
  • Shout Out to the Occupation and use of Diaspora
  • US History of Student Occupations
  • Buildings designed to fight student uprises


31:17 Reddit /r/cybunions

  • Stephen gets an account
  • Social News site
  • Reddit is FLOSS
  • We establish a subreddit


34:15 Feedback

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Marxist. Socialist & labor movement organizer. Boston DSA Labor he/him
Bread & Roses Caucus in #DSA


  1. Well done on keeping this going to 14 guys (and on the Reddit – will check that). Just a quickie on Vodafone. They do recognise the union Prospect in the UK (they and O2 are the two unionised carriers, whilst T-Mobile have been the worst, allegedly hiring US unionbusters to keep unions out here, and doing similar in US, despite strong unionisation in their home country of Germany). Voda did duck a lot of tax though over their Mannesmann takeover (I think most of the headline figure was ducked in India rather than all in the UK as you say, but still billions), but I’m just as cross with the UK Government for in the end simply giving them a huge discount on the bill, rather than asking them to pay what they owed.

    • John,

      Thank you for the support it is greatly appreciated! Yeah Tmobile is terrible here that is for sure there was the announcement of the first Tmobile union in the states but many believe that it was cause Tmobile wants the sale to AT&T to go through. Even then it is only 30 workers in Connecticut and not nearly even a percentage of the 20,000 workers at Tmobile. However as I read in an article today about the history of Verizon and the union you can see that the anti-union efforts have been put to use there too..

      We here in the states have a long history of apparently making for-profit companies tax except ๐Ÿ™ Exxon for one. Anyway thanks for the thoughts and thanks for being a listener ๐Ÿ™‚


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