Cyberunions Episode 89 : This Podcast Kills Fascists


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0:50 Walton is not in Scotland anymore…
1:20 Why would we ever bring this podcast back?
1:27 A terrible thing happened in the world
2:00 Beard scratching the mic
2:13 Shit is shitty on this side of the pond
2:37 Before jumping into the election how did Walton end up in Switzerland?
3:55 Make Donald Drumpf Again
4:16 Stephen might go chaotic as he is challenge with grappling with the shit we have
4:36 Prophets of Rage tries to Make America Rage Again

Labor/Political shit

5:23 Twas the night of the election
6:14 Waking up to some kind of hell, just not sure which one
7:10 We need a time machine to get back to the future
7:29 Maybe the world did end in 2012 according to the Mayan calendar and time split and we are in the wrong version of the future
8:00 Neoliberal era is it coming to an end?
8:46 The right tore the hole that the left had been trying
9:24 What in the world will Trump do?
10:00 The devil we know vs the devil we don’t know
10:40 Trump is not a good business man
11:00 Living in chaos theory
11:30 Separation of cause and effect
12:00 Chaos under heaven all is well, cannot change the world when things are stable
13:00 Trump lacks an organized front like Hitler had, we need to stop him from getting organized
14:30 Democrats and labor failed to organized the working class white…it is a class division that needs to be addressed
16:00 Look at the numbers, low voter turnout, not a mandate
16:35 The problem of the left was giving up class and moving to identity politics, we won or thought we won
17:20 Organized parties of the left stopped talking to parts of the working class and it bit us on the ass
18:10 Marches and protests after George W. Bush were not enough we need to go further
18:40 We need to be concerned about the US being what we don’t want
19:20 What ground work do we need to start laying now, from the Occupy movement experience, 2008 debt and 2001 etc.
20:20 New folks being agitated, there is a moment for the left to expand
20:50 Protest and marches are great, but they are just a start
22:50 The kind of stuff that is happening is not just in the US and UK but the rest of the world
25:00 Putin in Russia, in Hungry and in France there are threats from the right
26:50 There are a lot of angry people out there and the causes are complicated
28:00 The right tries to give a simple answer to complex problems
28:30 The booming 1920s the elites won out, but let up to the 1930s where fascism took power
29:25 We may be looking at the end of the Neoliberal era, we don’t know but the economy is growing at least in terms of real estate
30:10 Major economic crisis after party changes in US politics
30:30 We need to improve how we respond, we learned from Occupy, but we face a potentially harsher threat
31:35 Trump threat of galvanizing popular support through rallies
32:30 Stephen gets chaotic, we step forward and leap backward
33:20 The might keep us in the US when we want to get out
34:10 Jumping back in time to Jim Crow and legal racism, sexism, etc.
34:30 The morning after the Brexit vote is now nothing compared to Trump
35:30 Trump and Brexit represent the unresolved shadows of the country
37:00 All the problems are out in the open…we really need to construct the society we want day-to-day and cannot rely on liberal politicians
38:40 The march of progress from the end of WWII has ended we are no longer in the age of Aquarius
39:00 Hitler mustache replaced with a toupee
40:25 There is a need for us that are white and have been complacent to support our allies and need to be coming together
41:10 If we don’t we will get the fascist state we don’t want


41:35 Security, Security, Security!!
42:10 Now is the time to learn about using encryption
42:30 When we first started we talked about the use of Tor in oppressive nations and now we are that
43:15 Using encryption has become a lot easier in the last couple of years, more like pushing a button, not as much of a learning curve
43:45 Biggest weak spot with encryption is ‘you’
44:20 Resources:

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