Cyberunions Podcast Episode 61 The Scarey Storm of the Century

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:38 Our Updates

In a dark a stormy Glasgow …. Stephen kills the tension…Hurricane Sandy is a “Perfect Storm” “The Day After Tomorrow”  We recap the impact of the storm and our thoughts are with those effected by the storm.

We discuss what the media is not talking about and the impact of the climate change with the extreme weather around the world.

Get your vacation in before the end of the World…just 7 weeks to go….Bolivia decides that Dec. 21 is not the end of the world but the end of Capitalism

We both have new visas! Any nice listener wanting to help Stephen go to Italy

12:40 Tech Update

Mayfirst People Link had some servers go down, in the midst of no mass transit or able to drive in NYC Jamie the director of Mayfirst/People Link biked to the servers to get the ones that went down back up and running. Really liking the Mayfirst community dedicated to the work in the midst of a storm.

The wiki is out, we took it down cause it was spammed up too much. With out limited time to focus on cyberunions sites we are debating what to keep up and not
Do we keep or move to
However we think we might Broadcast live in the future we will be looking to icecast and mumble.
Mayfirst membership meeting technological success
The plan have NYC members be able to talk to Mexico City Members and vice versa we had mixers  and a rigged system we built. Two days before the meeting we tested the equipment and ran into trouble but founds ways around it

Mayfirst has taken language on seriously, having an international team for translating documentation on the site to providing interpretation for events. The idea is that similar to technology the developers don’t want to be seen but that there is a need to appreciate the work put in, same for those providing translation and interpretation.

Dirty Politics

What does minimum wage mean or what did it mean in the past? This is coming from an article from Labor Notes and how living wages are fights we need to support. We have a global growth in part time

 Serious problem with the rise of fascism
The Political Shit in the US
Now the bosses in the US are legally able to express who they want for president to their workers. Using economic fear to scare workers into voting against their self-interest. This is being seen on the national scale in the US but one could only imagine how this will be taken at the local levels. We now have Super PACs that are able to completely saturate the media with advertisements with no regulation other than that they cannot coordinate with the candidates.
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