Cyberunions Podcast Episode 60 Labor Fights Back and Sometimes Wins

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0:00 We are back from our two….er…three weeks since the last show

We discuss some of the reasons including the loss of a great anarchist activist here in Mexico. We continue with updates about labor stories that we will discuss later. Stephen Gets a new toy named it gnuk (prounounced g-nook) and plays with the cyanogenmod to make it a tablet instead of an e-reader.

12:13 Tech me up

We or really Stephen takes the stage and shares his experience with the translation modules for Drupal and heavily promotes CiviCRM as a great tool to organize a union or social movement. Stephen visited the Codigo Izquierdo (Left Code) Conference here in Mexico which was sponsored by Mayfirst/People Link and the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

Mayfirst our hosting organization is having their annual membership meeting on October 28th and will be deciding the Leadership committee to determine the goals for the year.

Stephen reinstalled linux went from Debian to Crunchbang Linux but in name only with Debian repos.

25:00 Labor back log of news

South Africa Wild Cat Strike Success, the possible start to a truly independent labor movement that releases it’s chains from the state and the system. Mexico changes their labor law that looks similar to what is happening in South Africa. Immigrant workers and a revival of Labor Activism in the US with the Palermo’s Pizza workers with interview an organizer. Walmart warehouse workers are on strike and do not even have a union, they are using a new model to organize in the US and it seems to have some success.

Stephen is working on two panels/workshops for the World Social Forum Free Palestine, Web Security on and off line, to discuss and understand the security capabilities of free software to protect activists and journalists. Labor Panel to discuss and work on the complicity of labor union in support of Zionism and not in support of the Palestinian people and workers.



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