Cyberunions Podcast – Episode 53 So I hear there is an economic problem in Greece

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0:33 Rain Rain …. Rainy everywhere! and Stephen has a daily double rant day

  • Immigration is a pain in the ass, even to fly through the US
  • Walton doesn’t want to get started on Immigration and Visas
  • At the moment the COCK Brothers I mean the “job creators” will spend $675 million on the election instead of creating job
  • Walton has a interview to share later in the show about Labor activist from Greece

5:30 Secondary boycotts might be back

  • Really good article from Labor Notes on an NLRA decision about union activities in the US

6:35 Head it’s Tails with a wiki

  • Tail gets an update cause of security bugs so please update to Tail .12
  • New features of persistent section to allow an encrypted hard drive to save data
  • We made a wiki’d wiki for the cyberunions community using the Mediawiki
  • Walton hopes the page becomes the union version of Wikipedia for Trade union wisdom
  • We don’t want to write it all, we focus our time on the podcast and the blog posts
  • The Wiki is a space for the community to contribute too and share experience with the software we’ve discussed and software we should discuss
  • Stephen thinks installing the software is easy on the servers
  • Wiki is organically made and might be vegan too

Interview with Nagia Nikoaou from the Athens Labor Center

  • 547 different Trade Unions with 140,000 members
  • The happenings on the ground in Greece
  • The official unemployment rate is 22% but the unofficial number is closer to 30%
  • Many more homeless and starving people
  • Are people resisting the Austerity measures?
  • Rise of the Golden Dawn is of great concern to the Greek society
  • Implications of Greece to the rest of Europe
  • How can other activists and trade unionists prepare against Austerity
  • The changing role of unions after the collapse of the welfare model
  • Solidarity with unemployed people…we can make social networks in the real world through the trade unions to help those that no longer have support from the state
  • Need to develop strong consumer cooperatives
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