The Cyberunion Podcast – Episode 52 That’s What Happens When You Dance With The Devil

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0:42 Stephen has a cold

  • Stephen raises a point about movements and unions to understand what happens when you take on Software Libre and using new technology
  • Established a good policy for the Software Libre Group when you learn something new teach someone what you learn
  • Getting things running when you as a group takes time to put it together, just know that patience is important so that everyone can learn the software and know how to use it.
  • It prevents specializing and professionalizing the field which is a problem in the the current political economic system
  • Walton raises that technology doesn’t make the revolution but that the old ways of personal contact are vital to a revolution by organizing.
  • Technology was used to amplify the voice of the movement but is not the start of the revolution
  • Stephen emphasizes that in a movement or a union when you have power in few those few need to figure out how to eliminate their power role and spread that information.

9:00 Is Walton cheating on Stephen?

  • Stephen doesn’t approve of such drastic actions with others 😉
  • Big Blue Button in full use in Union Solidarity International.
  • The first web conference had 18 participants many reporting on the ground from Greece during the election.
  • Feeling is the austerity is too harsh to survive in and the problem is not being solved.
  • Euro needs the periphery because the economic structure depends on it
  • Movements are on the foot and putting things into play for change
  • Stephen asks about efforts to build solidarity network economies
  • people are helping people in Greece to survive
  • Stephen points out the irony of the capitalists that are saying we need less regulation and spend millions to influence government instead of using the money to create jobs.
  • Horse Ballet is the way to reach the working class.

19:24 We bring the cyber back into cyberunions

  • Stephen did a Joomla 2.5 install
  • What is Joomla…ah …ah…ahh ….it is a Content Management System
  • Trying to coordinate a day to do the installation so another member of the movement knows
  • The install was pretty easy when ssh’d into the site Stephen did wget on the command line and then unzip’d the file
  • The install was faster than Stephen expected and was called a Magician but he explained it was a very easy install
  • Stephen rants against Wikispaces as he is trying to transfer a site from wikispaces to mediawiki
  • Wikispaces sucks! ~ according to Steph

24:30 Nokia or is it Microsoft or ahh shit it sucks

  • Nokia is cutting more jobs after a year of the deal with Microsoft
  • Stephen makes the US version pronunciation of No-Kia and is was dedicated to Nokia til last year
  • Adopting Windows has led to the demise of Nokia as it is at a point where they can be bought by Microsoft
  • The Nokia N900 became a tragedy cause Nokia never stood behind it and it runs Linux based on Debian called Maemo
  • With the N900 gaining root access is as easy as “sudo gainroot”
  • Nokia never advertised the phone and they didn’t instead they dropped the ball on Maemo and instead will likely be bought out…amazing that the number one cell maker with unions and is essentially dead.
  • LG might pick up with Tizen
  • Walton suggest we should have a factory occupation maybe with the Raspberry Pi
  • We call that a show and send any complaints on Stephens rants to anyemailaddress@thatdoesn’t belong to me 🙂


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